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Ayushman Cowfit

Cattle Health Monitoring IoT Solution


Ayushman Cowfit revolutionizes cattle care with an AI-powered, collar-based IoT solution. Tailored for comprehensive herd management, our system monitors vital aspects like heat cycle, activity, rumination, temperature, and behavior in real-time. Accessible via Dashboard/Mobile App, it prioritizes cattle well-being, enhancing productivity.

Using BLE technology, data seamlessly travels from sensors to gateways, transmitted via telecom towers to the cloud. Here, AI and ML algorithms analyze data, providing actionable insights accessible through our intuitive mobile and web apps.

Experience seamless herd management with Ayushman Cowfit.

Why Ayushman Cowfit?

India boasts a substantial livestock population of approximately 305 million, representing 37.28% of the global total. Despite this, the contribution to GDP from milk production, a vital agricultural commodity, stands at only 5%. A glaring discrepancy emerges when comparing the average milk production per cow: a mere 10 liters per day in India versus 30 liters in Western countries like the USA, Canada and European Union.

This productivity gap is primarily attributed to inadequate cattle health. Roughly 15% of cattle face health issues at any given time. A staggering 30% failure rate in artificial insemination is due to poor timing or overlooked health symptoms. Consequently, farmers suffer from delayed calving, increased livestock sickness and mortality, significantly impacting their income

Compounding the issue is the lack of accessible technological solutions to address cattle health and heat-related challenges. Dairy farmers, especially those with large herds, struggle to monitor vital metrics such as temperature, heart rate, and activity levels using traditional methods.

Heat detection, in particular, poses a significant challenge for dairy farmers. The repercussions of failed artificial inseminations, including heightened mortality rates and decreased yield and quality of dairy products, exacerbate these challenges. Addressing these issues is crucial for enhancing the growth, efficiency and sustainability of India's dairy industry.

Our Solution

Care First Approach
Real Time Insights
Upto 10X ROI

Ayushman Cowfit Features

Heat Detection
Posture Alerts
Activity Alerts
Rumination Alerts
Health Alerts
Temperature Alerts
Vaccination Alerts

How Does It Work?

Ayushman Cowfit utilizes BLE technology for seamless communication and data transfer within cattle health and reproduction monitoring systems.

  • Device Integration

    BLE-enabled neck collar sensor devices monitor vital signs and health parameters of individual cattle within the herd.

  • Sensor Data Collection

    These sensors gather data on activity levels, rumination, and other health metrics.

  • Wireless Communication

    BLE enables wireless communication between sensor devices and a gateway device on the farm for data collection.

  • Data Transmission

    Health and reproductive data are transmitted via BLE to a secure cloud-based platform.

  • Cloud-Based Storage and Processing

    Data is securely stored and processed in the cloud for advanced analytics.

  • Real-Time Monitoring and Analytics

    The system generates alerts for abnormal patterns, enabling timely intervention.

  • User Interaction and Control

    Farmers can interact with the system, view historical data, and make informed decisions for herd management.

Ayushman Cowfit offers an efficient, wireless solution for collecting, transmitting, and analyzing data, empowering farmers to make informed decisions for their livestock's health and well-being.


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