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About Areete

Areete Business Solutions operates as a data-driven organization at the forefront of technological advancement, leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Generative AI (GenAI) to optimize the well-being and efficiency of livestock. Our mission is to cultivate disease-free life cycles for livestock, promoting their health and vitality.

In an increasingly intelligent world, data plays a pivotal role in understanding livestock behavior. By monitoring their activities and providing predictive and prescriptive analyses to dairy farmers, we empower them to make informed decisions. AI has become indispensable in monitoring and managing dairy herds, encompassing health, fertility, feeding patterns, and milk output through extensive data collection and analysis.

Our platform enables proactive measures to identify potential issues early, allowing farmers to address abnormalities swiftly and ensure healthier livestock and increased milk yield. Additionally, AI facilitates optimization of feed rationing, breeding decisions, and overall herd performance, enabling data-driven farm management decisions.

With a founding team boasting over 120 years of combined experience in various large corporations and successful startups, we are dedicated to delivering meaningful insights to dairy farmers to enhance profitability and productivity. We are committed to the belief that healthy cows contribute to happy communities and ultimately a wealthier nation. Continuously innovating, we strive to introduce new products beneficial to livestock, thereby uplifting the dairy economy.

Our Purpose

To transform the Village Economy by improving heat management and overall cattle health, improving milk yield and enriching the lives of farmers.

Our values

Think Big
Agile Delivery

Founders & Directors

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Srinivas Subramanian

Founder & Managing Director

founders images

V S Shridhar

Co-Founder & Director

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Sriram Subramanian

Co-Founder & Director

Management Team

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Lokesh Kothari

Director Sales - Agritech

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Dr. Swapna Sen

Deputy GM – Data Analytics

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Paromita Das

Head - Human Resource

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Soham Limbani

Chief Financial Officer

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Pawan Yadav

Deputy GM – Ecommerce

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Ramdas Kamble

Deputy GM – Agritech

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Supriya Pote

Senior Manager – Products


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    Areete Business Solutions
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